Top 4 Dry Fruits You Must Eat during the Winter time

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Winter season is here! With its cold, short days and increased appreciation for chai. 

With divided opinions of people either hating it or waiting for it all year long, winters do manage to keep everyone on their toes. The only constant for both these people is seeking warmth everywhere – sunny afternoons to year-end foody delight. And with Christmas just round the corner, the urge to tuck oneself under the blanket with a cup of hot chocolate or constant supply of food is too strong.

So this sweater season, believe in the old-age tradition that dry fruits bring health by providing us with the necessary nutrients and nourishment, building immunity, and keeping the body warm. They are also brilliant in keeping the hunger pangs in check so you don’t end up feeling bloated. The best part they contain 3.5x more fiber, minerals, and nutrients than other fresh fruits. 

Dry fruits have been staple in many parts of the world and one of the healthier options of food. It is just a question to wonder why are not people having them to keep themselves fit and healthy this winter season. 

Though we can’t possibly answer that question, what we can do is present to you the best quality food that makes you drool and will keep you healthy this winter season. We on occasion, through our years of experience, have combined taste with health, and would like to share our top 4 dry fruit recommendations for this winter season:

  1. Cashew Nut regular

Cashews are a versatile snack, with their richness in fiber, good for heart fats, and being a rich source of while being low in sugar. Occasions promise is best quality cashews for you to enjoy.

  1. Dates:

Dates are a healthy alternative that keeps everyone happy. Dates (Kalmi/Safawi, and Omani), butter, nuts, dry fruits, chocolates, flavour amongst many other healthy ingredients are used in the filling and toppings, which are naturally gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and paleo-friendly.

They come in assortments of multiple flavors and in gift-ready gorgeous packing. One can choose various or all in counts of 6- 24 pieces and can be further customizable as per requests. We offer a range of stuffed dates including the following:

  1. Cashew Rose Stuffed dates(Kalmi/Safawi) 
  2. Almond Caramel (Kalmi/Safawi)
  3. Brittle Almond (Kalmi/Safawi)
  4. Coconut (Kalmi/Safawi) 
  5. Pista Elaichi (Kalmi/Safawi) 
  6. Hazelnut Chocolate (Kalmi/Safawi)
  7. Hazelnut Crunch (Kalmi/Safawi) 
  8. Orange Peel (Kalmi/Safawi) 
  9. Omani Special (Omani Dates) 
  10. Flavored Nuts 

We at Occasions Dry fruit know how to combine creativeness and food. And that is precisely why we have come up with giving a tinge of flavor to everyone’s favorite nuts. It doesn’t matter if you like cashews, almonds, or any other, we have something for everyone.

  1. Dryfruit bhel

We at Ocassions heard you and have given a specialised touch to the traditional bhel and mix-matching it to one of the Indian classic – Bhel. Now find all your favourite nuts together in our special Dryfruit bhel packs. After all, we have something for everyone.