The healthy corner at the wedding

The healthy corner at the wedding

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Weddings are a special occasion, a day filled with lights, food, love, everything best and perfect of its kind. With loved ones gathered together eating and drinking making memories that are going to last longer than the day. 

And our Desi weddings, well they are an event in itself. The dancing and food stalls just never end be it tasting a bit of pani-puri at one stand or gajar halwa right next to it. Indian weddings are a foodie’s true paradise. They also make it really easy for us to sway away and gulp down with food all our healthy resolutions. After all what difference will one day make? 

Our team at occasions aims to provide the best experience so we launched a new healthy corner just for weddings combining health and taste for everyone to enjoy. With goodness of nuts and dry fruits and creating special flavors to make your weddings special and rememberable. Our innovative food blended with our trained staff helps you enjoy the best moments of your life.

Here are a few of our offerings to make your wedding healthier and more memorable:

  1. Rutab with al marai cream –   A fan-favourite dish which involves Rutab – the freshest of all dates and highest in sugar content served with cream to give it its signature heavenly taste
  2. Dates Shakes– A healthy and tasty milk based drink made from the blend of dates and milk. The nutrients and vitamins in this are the perfect cure to people looking to meet their health needs at the wedding.
  3. Arabic Coffee – Introducing traditional taste of Arabian Cuisine. Arabic Coffee or Kawa is made from a combination of green coffee beans and cardamom and often served with dates. It is made in a special coffee pot – Dallah and served in distinctive cups.
  4. Dates Chocolate – We at Occasions know how to combine creativeness and food. And that is precisely why we have come up with giving a tinge of flavor to everyone’s favorite Dates by combining them with chocolates

We have catered to over 150 events and served over 6 lakh customers with our catering services. These services are available in over 10 cities. So what are you waiting for – try a healthy corner for your wedding needs.

Please contact us on  +91 868 686 3742 or and let’s create a customized catering plan for you together.