Iftaar and Eid sweets recipe and their Must-Add ingredients

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Iftaar and Eid sweets recipe and their Must-Add ingredients


The Holy Month of Ramadan and the festive spirits of Eid Al Fitr are associated with loads of delicious and toothsome desserts. There are many sweets recipes that are made and enjoyed during this occasion. Whether a Muslim or not, we all definitely love to visit our Muslim friends and places just to relish the lovely sweets which is prepared during the festival.

Let’s explore what makes Daawat E Iftaar/ Eid a memorable treat and explore how one or few ingredients to add-on can do the magic trick to the flavours and presentation:

1. Malpua Rabdi


Malpua Rabdi is a traditional Indian sweet dish that is the crowd’s favourite during the holy month of Ramadan. People dart towards these decadent fluffy pancakes in the city streets, which are fried using flour and khoya, dipped in sugar syrup and typically served with rabdi. Tremendously delicious festive mithai, a little effort and you have the best Indian dessert to indulge. Crispy edges and soft centre are dunked in saffron sugar syrup with the drizzling of rabdi or thicken milk and dry fruits is heaven. But what makes the Malpua Rabdi Delightful? It is charoli or pista flakes that make it delicious.

Occasions tip: Sprinkle Pista flakes on the Rabdi Malpua before you serve for a rich and royal experience. You may also include Charoli mixed in the Malpua batter.

2- Phirni of Firni


During Ramadan and Eid, no meal is complete without a chilled phirni set in an earthen bowl. Phirni is a delicious dish made with cream and milk that is popular in both North Indian cuisines. The preparing of phirni is quick, and the dish’s presentation is enticing. Milk and rice are the main ingredients of phirni. Phirni is traditionally cooked using broken or coarsely ground rice. To enhance the flavours, use kesar, nuts, charoli as suggested below:

Occasions tip: Mix Kesar (Saffron) in Phirni for a royal taste. Add Charoli for delicious crunch in the Phirni. Top it with Pista Flakes or Cashew Kani for enticing presentation.

3- Sheer Khurma


Creamy and rich Sheer Khurma is a delectable dessert that is usually served during the festive occasions of Eid. This vermicelli pudding has a good amount of nuts, raisins, and dates in it!

‘Sheer’ signifies milk in Persian, and ‘Khurma’ means dates. Milk, vermicelli, dates, almonds, and sugar are used to prepare Sheer Khurma. However, what makes the magic work is the add-ons such as Kesar, Nuts Flakes, Charoli or Rose Petals.

Occasions tip: Add one or few of these: Kesar, Almond or Pista Flakes, Charoli or Rose Petals to make it a rich dessert

4- Shahi Tukda


Shahi Tukda is a popular dessert relished during the holy month of Ramadan and a famous treat for Eid Celebrations. “Shahi” means Royal and “Tukda” means Piece.

This Hyderabadi and Awadhi pleasure is one of the best yet simple to prepare Indian desserts, made by deep frying the bread until it is golden and crisp, soaking it in syrup, and then pouring it with thick, creamy rabdi.

With Nuts such as cashews and almonds in it, what makes it richer is Nuts Flakes and Kesar.

Occasions tip: Add Pista or Almond Flakes for make it delightful. Add Kesar for a golden hue and scent of flavour for earthy aromas.

5- Masala Milk


Masala Milk adds a boost of energy to your Sehri and Iftaar. It is also considered as “last-minute” Quick Recipe for Eid to serve it to the guests who graciously surprises us for celebrations and joy. Masala doodh, or milk, is a flavored milk drink with nut and spice flavours. Masala is a spice blended with milk, popular in India where most people drink it cold in the summer to cool off.

Waking up on Eid morning and having a delicious cup of warm masala milk as the days start to get chillier seems like the perfect way to start this holiday.

It is loaded with Dryfruits and Spices but a secret trick to make it delicious and healthful is adding Ajwa Seeds Powder and Kesar(Saffron).

Occasions tip: Add Kesar for brilliant color, aroma and a sweet floral taste. Add Ajwa Seeds Powder for burst of energy and healthy heart.

6- Seviyan or Sewai


Seviyan are unquestionably an important sweet of Eid celebrations. In India, when you hear the word seviyan, you naturally think of Eid. This is the most popular holiday festive dish served to mark the conclusion of Ramadan.

It may appear to be a complex dessert drink to prepare, but it is not! It calls for simple ingredients that can be found at any grocery shop. Among the other components, you’ll need falooda sev or seviyan (vermicelli), water, milk, khus or rose syrup, dry fruits, and sabja (basil) seeds. The Add-on ingredients that enhance the Seviyan are mentioned below in the tips.

Occasions tip: Add Kesar for sweet heady and musky taste. Add Cashews for richness and taste. Add Pista or Almond flakes for crunch and a nice presentation.

7- Kulfi Falooda


Nobody can say no to Kulfi Falooda, especially during the summer. This royal delicacy may instantly elevate your energies during the month of Ramadan, when everyone is fasting all day and exhausted.

The traditional falooda, disguised as a drink, is made of vermicelli noodles, ice cream, and black basil seeds. Each layer is placed on top of the other, and the dessert is served with flavoured syrup and dry fruits. However, the magic of falooda happens by adding a few elements that make it royal.

Occasions tip: Add Rose Petals and Cardamom in the warm milk before freezing to Kulfi. Ice it with Pista or Almond Flakes