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Ajwa Seeds Powder

Ajwa Seed Powder, which is 100% pure, gives your body the boost it requires to get through…

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Milk Masala

The Milk Masala Of Occasions dry fruit is a premium quality powder blend that adds more than…

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Omani Special Stuffed Dates

Hailing from the rich land of Oman and filled with the goodness of almond and pistacio, these…

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Seedless Omani dates
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Seedless Omani

Hailing from the rich land of Oman and filled with the goodness, these dates make every occasion…

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Dryfruit Bhel

One of the best-selling and best tasting in-house items, the Dry-fruit bhel with the perfect blend of…

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Hot Mix Dryfruits (Spicy)

Spicy Mix Dry Fruits from Occasions Dry Fruits are an assortment of fresh, crispy, and flavorsome superfoods…

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Milk Masala (Powder)

Best quality Ajwa Milk Masala buy online from Occasions Dry Fruit Online Store. Ajwa Dates with a…

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Figs Dryfruit Barfi (Anjeer Barfi)

Anjeer Dry fruits barfi will satiate everyone's taste buds with the distinctive zest of figs and the…

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Date Pak til Barfi (Natural Sweetness)

Our sugar-free Datepak Till Barfi is an impeccable mix of taste and goodness of dates. Try this…

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