What are the benefits of eating dry fruits during pregnancy?

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What are the benefits of eating dry fruits during pregnancy?

Being pregnant comes with a plethora of changes in the body, from cravings to mood swings and navigating through them is a mammoth time.

One food group that is extremely beneficial in pregnancy are dry fruits as they equally pack health and taste in them. In addition to being absolutely delicious, they are also extremely rich in minerals, vitamins, fibre, vitamins.

All these qualities make dry fruits a perfect alternative to the generally available snacks which are either salty, fried or high in sugar. Something that a body going through pregnancy is extremely susceptible to

Since dry fruits have the same nutrient content as fresh fruits, a pregnant women can easily keep their food intake regular even with lower quantity of food. The only thing to watch out is to never over consume as dry fruits are high in calorific value than most food.

Dry fruits bring health benefits to pregnant women by providing them with the needed nutrients and nourishment while also building immunity which helps in healthy growth of the child. They are also brilliant in keeping the hunger pangs in check so that the unhealthy alternate snacking can be minimized.

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Dry fruits aids by helping pregnant women to:
  1. Manage Constipation: The high content of dietary fibre in dryfruits help in easy digestion. Constipation is a problem often faced by pregnant women, which can be easily managed by dry fruits.
  2. Iron Source: Dry fruits helps in meeting the daily iron requirements of pregnant women reducing the need for additional supplements
  3. Baby’s bone health: The vitamins in dry fruits especially vitamin A help  in developing baby’s bones and teeth. Additionally magnesium aids in nerve development of the baby
  4. Control Blood pressure: Dry fruits aid in controlling blood pressure and muscle control due to the potassium present in them

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