A healthy alternate this Diwali

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How am I going to manage my diet? 

Where are my healthy alternatives this festival season?

Questions like these always come to our minds whenever we try to think of festivals. I mean sweets have become such an important part of our festive ritual that we ourselves make some concessions or leeways for us to let ourselves enjoy the festivals in their complete spirit.

We are always on the lookout for options that will both satisfy our healthy lives and our festival spirits. We at Occasions Dry Fruits wanted to answer the same question when we first started 12 years ago – how to combine them both? The result, well a range of healthy delightful alternates that everyone can enjoy guilt-free. In these 12 years, we experimented and combined various flavors while still keeping our vision to have healthy alternates.

We now present to you a gift of healthy alternatives for you and your loved ones – 

Stuffed Dates

Dates are a healthy alternative that keeps everyone happy. Dates (Kalmi/Safawi, and Omani), butter, nuts, dry fruits, chocolates, flavour amongst many other healthy ingredients are used in the filling and toppings, which are naturally gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and paleo-friendly. We offer a range of stuffed dates including the following:

  • Cashew Rose Stuffed dates(Kalmi/Safawi) 
  • Almond Caramel (Kalmi/Safawi)
  • Brittle Almond (Kalmi/Safawi)
  • Coconut (Kalmi/Safawi) 
  • Pista Elaichi (Kalmi/Safawi) 
  • Hazelnut Chocolate (Kalmi/Safawi)
  • Hazelnut Crunch (Kalmi/Safawi) 
  • Orange Peel (Kalmi/Safawi) 
  • Omani Special (Omani Dates) 

Flavoured Nuts

We at Occasions Dry fruit know how to combine creativeness and food. And that is precisely why we have come up with giving a tinge of flavor to everyone’s favorite nuts. It doesn’t matter if you like cashews, almonds, or any other, we have something for everyone.

Seeds Mixes

The growing popularity of seeds being superfoods has now touched everyone. There will hardly be someone who hasn’t heard about them. We at Occasions realized this very early in our journey and have been offering seeds range for many years, be it – flax, pumpkin, cucumber, muskmelon, or sunflower. You name it we have it.

So now be in the dilemma that you’ll enjoy – which healthy option should i choose?

We also offer customized gifting packages that provide you with plenty of options to personalize your gift boxes.  So what are you waiting for pick a box of health and send happiness this Diwali to your friends, family, and coworkers. 

Please contact us on +91 868 686 3742 or care@occasionsdryfruit.com and let’s create a customized plan for you together.