Shravan Fasting Made Delicious: 7 Must-Try Dry Fruit Indian Recipes for Shravan Fasting

July 12, 2023               Prasad S

Blend yogurt, dry fruits, honey, and cardamom for a creamy fasting drink.

Dry Fruit & Nut Lassi

Image Credit: Cooking From Heart

Cook dry fruits, coconut, jaggery, & cardamom to make delectable sweet squares.

Dry Fruit & Coconut Barfi

Image Credit: Tarla Dalal

Simmer sago, dry fruits, milk, jaggery, & cardamom for a comforting fasting dessert.

Dry Fruit & Sago Kheer

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Make fluffy pancakes with buckwheat, dry fruits, milk, & jaggery for fasting.

Dry Fruit & Buckwheat Pancakes

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Shape a mix of dry fruits, coconut, jaggery, & cardamom into sweet balls (ladoos).

Dry Fruit & Coconut Ladoo

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Fry mashed potatoes, dry fruits, flour, & salt into crispy fasting patties.

Dry Fruit & Potato Tikki

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Infuse milk with dry fruits, saffron, honey, & cardamom for a nourishing beverage.

Dry Fruit & Saffron Milk

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