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Our almonds offer freshness with each bite , one can relish the myriad of health benefits that almonds can provide you with. Often associated with boosting memory, almonds are also a great source of fiber and protein. They have the highest protein content of all nuts and hence are especially preferred by fitness enthusiasts. We do not add any type of harmful preservatives to the almonds. They’re as pure and fresh as they come.



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FSSAI Approved High-Quality Product. Country of Origin –  California Pure Veg and Fresh. Nutrition - Protein, omega 3, Vitamin, minerals, antioxidants Untouched and Imported Product. Carefully Packed.


Almonds contain healthy vitamins and minerals. An ounce of Almonds will provide more protein and fiber, which will increase feelings of fullness compared to a cup of almond milk

Nutritional Facts
Vitamin B6
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