A gift of Health this Diwali

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We always plan to do something better, sometimes through the new year’s resolutions sometimes just through promises to ourselves. A constant theme for most people has been a healthier lifestyle. But as Indian we are bombarded with choices and festivities that sometimes make us stray from our healthy journeys.

Well, the celebration of India’s biggest festival has just begun, and before we know it, all the streets are going to be lit up with lights, diyas, and everyone in their festive shoes. And the commitment to pursuing a healthy lifestyle will begin to be tempted with the happiness of the festive season.

We understand how hard it is to survive through this, we ourselves suffer from this. Thus, using our experience and our will to do something different, we at Occassions Dry Fruits have come up with products that combine both taste and health. Our products combine the goodness of superfoods with a tinge of the flavors that everyone loves – chocolate, caramel, cheese, hazelnut, and many more. Our promise of health remains, so pick your favorite and share a healthy scrumptious delight with yourself and your loved ones this Diwali and make the festival of light a little brighter this time. And to help you choose, we are also attaching a list of recommendations from our family to yours:

Stuffed Dates Gift Box


Dates are a healthy alternative that keeps everyone happy. Dates (Kalmi/Safawi, and Omani), butter, nuts, dry fruits, chocolates, flavour amongst many other healthy ingredients are used in the filling and toppings, which are naturally gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and paleo-friendly.

They come in assortments of multiple flavors and in gift-ready gorgeous packing. One can choose various or all in counts of 6- 24 pieces and can be further customizable as per requests. We offer a range of stuffed dates including the following:

  • Cashew Rose Stuffed dates(Kalmi/Safawi) 
  • Almond Caramel (Kalmi/Safawi)
  • Brittle Almond (Kalmi/Safawi)
  • Coconut (Kalmi/Safawi) 
  • Pista Elaichi (Kalmi/Safawi) 
  • Hazelnut Chocolate (Kalmi/Safawi)
  • Hazelnut Crunch (Kalmi/Safawi) 
  • Orange Peel (Kalmi/Safawi) 
  • Omani Special (Omani Dates)        

Flavoured Nuts Gift Boxes

We at Ocassions Dry fruit know how to combine creativeness and food. And that is precisely why we have come up with giving a tinge of flavour to everyone’s favorite nuts. It doesn’t matter if you like cashews, almonds, or any other, we have something for everyone. All you have to do is find everyone’s preference and we will customize for them a curated and flavourful gift box

Special Nuts and Dried Natural Fruits Gift Boxes

With the growing trend of healthy living, even our sweet-laden festive season is not left behind. With food science coming into health, the result has been delicious. A thoughtful gift of health is a simple gesture that can make everyone happy and healthy. The special nut gift boxes are one such way.

These can be customized from a range of selection of rare nuts like Brazil Nuts, Pecan Nuts, Pine Nuts, Hazelnuts, Macadamia Nuts, Fox Nuts, and premium dried fruits such as Mango Slice, Honey Awla, Kiwi Dried, Pineapple Dried, Sweet Awla (Meetha Awla), Strawberry Dried, and Mixed Dried Fruits with our  #myOccasionsBox campaign. 

Our gifting packages provide you with plenty of options to personalize your gift boxes. So what are you waiting for pick a box of health and send happiness this Diwali to your friends, family, and coworkers. 

Please contact us on +91 868 686 3742 or care@occasionsdryfruit.com and let’s create a customized plan for you together.